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Theses and Dissertations — 2017

Civil Engineering Program

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Parameswaran Ariram Dr. Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan Development and Characterization of Smart Polymer and Ultrafine Cement Grouts and Polymer Grouted Sand
Vikhyath-Kumar Gattu Dr. Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan Characterizing Polymer-Treated Field Clays and Smart Cement-Clay Interaction [Link]
Nischalkarthik Mapakshi Dr. Kalyana Babu Nakshatrala A Scalable Variational Inequality-Based Formulation That Preserves Maximum Principles for Darcy Flow with Pressure-Dependent Viscosity [Link]
Shivani Pokharel Dr. Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan vDual Chamber and Multicathode Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell for Salt Treatment in Cathode Chamber [Link]
Mythili Thevamaran Dr. Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan Modification of Expansive Soil and Repair of Damaged Smart Cement Using Polymer [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Niousha Amani Dr. Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan Characterizing and Modeling the Dynamic Responses, Gas Leakage and Contaminations on the Behavior of the Smart Cement Composite [Link]
Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Bashar Dr. Keh-Han Wang Subcritical Flow Computation in an Open-Channel Network with Dividing Junctions and Sluice Gates [Link]
Justin Chang Dr. Kalyana Babu Nakshatrala Structure-Preserving High Performance Computational Methods for Transport in Porous Media [Link]
Masoud Dehghani Champiri Dr. Kaspar William Crash Analysis of Degraded Concrete Containment Structures [Link]
Ahmed Amine El Kacimi El Hassani Dr. Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan Nondestructive Real-Time Interface Bonding Characterization between Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strands and Highly Sensing Cement and Polymer Composite Matrix during Loading and Chemical Degradation
Jassim Mustafa Qadir Jaf Dr. Keh-Han Wang Interaction of Solitary Waves with a Submerged Breakwater and Experimental Visualizations of Induced Vortex Characteristics [Link]
Meng Liu Dr. Mina Dawood Reliability Analysis of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Strengthened Steel Beams [Link]
Yan Miao Dr. Keh-Han Wang Hydrodynamic Interactions between a Solitary Wave and a Partially Submerged Structure of Either a Thin Porous Wall or a 2-D Finite-Length Body with Attached Dual Porous Walls [Link]
Reza Mousavi Dr. Kaspar William Plasticity Based Formulations for Pressure Sensitive Materials [Link]
Can Xu Dr. Kalyana Babu Nakshatrala Modeling Material Degradation Due to Moisture and Temperature [Link]
Ting Yuan Dr. Hyongki Lee Congo Wetlands Hydrology Using SAR, InSAR, and Radar Altimetry [Link]
Environmental Engineering Program


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Aparna Balasubramani Dr. Hanadi Rifai Carbon-Based Technologies for Remediating Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Contaminated Sediment [Link]
Hang Ngoc Nguyen Dr. Debora Rodrigues Graphene and Graphene Oxide Toxicity and the Impact to Environmental Microorganisms [Link]
Geosensing Program


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Xiao Wang Dr. Craig Glennie Filtering of Single Photon LiDAR Data [Link]