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Civil & Environmental Engineering Program — Application Process and Forms

All applications to the Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduate Programs must be initiated through the Graduate School Application Portal.

Please click on the PDF (bottom of the page) for a detailed explanation of the application process (e.g. how to get to the online application site) and the list of required documents and how they must be submitted.

Students are encouraged to start the application process as early as possible and to have all required documents submitted ahead of the deadline in order to get an early admission decision. If a complete* application is not in by the deadline, such application may not be considered for the semester being applied to and students will have to reapply.

*A complete application means that all required documents have been submitted and received by UH, not just the online application

All application materials must be submitted as instructed in the PDF; sending documents in any other way may considerably delay the processing or your application. Please do not send CDs, copies of research papers, portfolios, or theses- they will not be reviewed by the faculty.

It is the applicant's sole responsibility to ensure that all documents have been received by the stated deadline.


Application Deadlines

  • Deadline for application to all Civil graduate programs for the Fall semester is February 15th; Spring deadline is October 15th.
  • Deadline for application to all Environmental graduate programs for the Fall semester is February 15th; There is no application process for Spring.
  • Candidates interested in Spring admission should contact the program at environmental [at] (environmental[at]egr[dot]uh[dot]edu).


Application Process Steps and Required Documents