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Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering — Dissertation Requirements

  • The Dissertation Committee shall pass judgment on the adequacy of the Ph.D. research and the oral defense of the dissertation by the student. The committee's approval of the final copy of the written dissertation is required to ascertain satisfactory performance of the research.
  • Combined registration in the Ph.D. research courses (CIVE 8198 through 8598) and the dissertation courses (CIVE 8399, 8699, or 8999) shall be limited to 9 hours in any one semester or 6 hours for a combined summer session. Registration in the dissertation courses shall be normally limited to 6 hours during these periods.
  • Each Ph.D. candidate shall be required to spend one continuous calendar year in full-time residence while registered in the research and dissertation courses.
    • Full-time residence is defined as enrollment in 9 semester credit hours for a fall or spring semester or 6 hours for a twelve-week summer session, and no substantial off-campus employment.
    • The College of Engineering requires that all full-time Ph.D. graduate students receiving support from the University register for at least 9-credit hours per semester and 6 hours during the summer. Only full-time graduate students receive support from the University.
  • Registration in the Ph.D. research and dissertation courses will normally be limited to three calendar years from the time the student passes the Candidacy Examination. At the end of the final year, the candidate may be dropped from the Ph.D. program, or, be granted additional time for registration in their research, with the approval of their committee and the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • The doctoral research must constitute a contribution to the field of knowledge in an area of Civil Engineering, worthy of publication. Each candidate is required to present and successfully defend their completed dissertation at a public meeting before the committee. The dissertation committee shall pass final judgment as to the acceptance or rejection of the dissertation. This meeting should be publicized in advance by a memorandum distributed to all Civil Engineering and interested Engineering Faculty indicating the title and abstract of the dissertation and the date, time and place of the meeting.