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Procedures for Awarding Presidential/Cullen/Erhardt Fellowships

Applicant Ranking

Applicants to the Environmental Engineering Graduate Program are evaluated and ranked by the Environmental Engineering Program Director and Program Faculty Members using the following measures:

  1. Graduate Record Exam Scores
  2. TOEFL Exam score for international applicants
  3. Undergraduate and Graduate Grade Point Averages
  4. Quality of Undergraduate and Graduate Institutions
  5. Three letters of recommendation
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. Personal and/or phone interviews when possible.


Selecting Ranked Applicants for RA and TA Support

Environmental Engineering Faculty members will choose candidates for Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant positions in their research groups from among the top one-third ranked candidates.


Funding Selected Applicants

Faculty members will make RA and TA financial support offers to incoming graduate students based on availability of funds from research grants, departmental sources and discretionary funds including Virginia Thompson Symons Presidential Endowed Scholarships and Virginia Thompson Symons Fellowships, and GATF funds. The top ranking candidates will be funded by a combination of the following awards:

Typical Annual Funding Sources for Incoming Environmental Engineering Doctoral Students
Virginia Thompson Symons Presidential Endowed Fellowship from EnvE Program Up to $2,500
Virginia Thompson Symons Endowment Fellowship from EnvE Program Up to $1,000
Presidential/Cullen/Erhardt Fellowships from UH Dean of Graduate Studies Up to $5,000
Graduate Tuition Funds (GTF)
Up to $8,000
Research Assistant Stipend Up to $21,600