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Master of Science in Environmental Engineering — Acceptable Elective Courses Taught by Other Units

Department of Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences

Course No. Course Title
BCHS 4317 Principles of Biotechnology


Department of Chemical Engineering

Course No. Course Title
CHEE 6368 Chemical Process Economics I
CHEE 6371 Pollution Control Engineering
CHEE 6386 Air Pollution Problems and Control
CHEE 6390 Energy and Environment


Department of Environmental Science

Course No. Course Title
ENVS 4301 Environmental Science and Public Policy
ENVS 4302 Legislative and Regulatory Aspects of Environmental Science


Department of Industrial Engineering

Course No. Course Title
INDE 6332 Engineering Project Management
INDE 6333 Industrial Ecology
INDE 6335 Engineering Administration
INDE 6364 Advanced Engineering Statistics


Department of Geosciences

Course No. Course Title
GEOL 6325 Remote Sensing
GEOL 6326 Applications of Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 6332 Air Pollution Meteorology
GEOL 6334 Air Pollution Chemistry and Physics
GEOL 6343 Geochemistry of Natural Waters
GEOL 6345 Hydrochemistry
GEOL 6366 Hydrogeology
GEOL 6388 Intro. to Geographic Information Systems


Law Center

Course No. Course Title
LAW 53XX Various Environmental Law Topics
LAW 52XX Various Environmental Law Topics
Please contact instructor to determine if proposed course is appropriate and that you have sufficient knowledge to attend the course.
LAW 5390 Environmental Law
Must register at Law College (Rm 100 Krost Hall) before registering for any other classes, required or electives.


Other Campuses

  • University of Houston-Clear Lake Campus
    • University of Houston-Clear Lake courses, are considered UH courses. However, advance approval must be obtained from the Program's Academic Advisor or the Program Director to receive credit for UH-CL courses.
  • Rice University Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
    • CEVE 404 — Atmospheric Particulate Matter
    • CEVE 406 — Introduction to Environmental Law
    • CEVE 411 — Atmospheric Processes
    • CEVE 504 — Atmospheric Particulate Matter
    • CEVE 511 — Atmospheric Processes
    • CEVE 520 — Environmental Remediation Technologies
    • ENVI 508 — Global Environmental Law and Sustainable Development

Other courses from other Departments at UH and Rice University may be used as acceptable electives. Permission must be obtained from the Program Academic Advisor or Director before registering for the course.