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Master of Science in Environmental Engineering — Non-thesis Course Requirements

Students pursuing a masters of science without thesis are required to take 30 hours of organized courses. Full Time Students currently register for 12 credit hours of research and/or organized classes each long semester and 6 credit hours of research and/or organized classes in the summer semester. Part time students usually take 2 courses in each long semester and 1 course in the summer semester.

Course No. Course Title
CIVE 6111 Graduate Seminar in Environmental Engineering must be taken twice by all non-thesis students. These 2 credits are not counted towards the 30 hour course load.


Four core courses are required in  the Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering program.

Course No. Course Title
CIVE 6361 Engineering Hydrology
CIVE 6377 Environmental Chemistry
CIVE 6378 Principles of Environmental Modeling
CIVE 6391 Environmental Engineering Microbiology


In addition to the required courses, students choose six electives of which four are required to come from the following list of courses. Non Engineers are expected to take as many as possible of these courses as electives.

Course No. Course Title
CIVE 4333 Water and Wastewater Treatment. Non-civil engineers only
CIVE 5360 Urban-Regional Planning
CIVE 6322 Storm Water Management
CIVE 6331 Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow
CIVE 6362 Hydraulic Structures
CIVE 6363 Evaluation of Water Quality in Natural Waters
CIVE 6379 Stochastic Hydrology
CIVE 6381 Biological Processes for Wastewater Treatment
CIVE 6383 Advanced Planning and Design of Water Resource Systems
CIVE 6387 Physicochemical Treatment Processes
CIVE 6388 Solid and Hazardous Waste Treatment Processes
CIVE 6390 Municipal Drinking Water Treatment
CIVE 6392 Mass Transfer in Environmental Systems
CIVE 7332 Groundwater Contaminant Transport
CIVE 7335 Coastal Hydrodynamics
CIVE 7342 Engineering Geographic Information Systems
CIVE 7397 Hazardous Waste Management and Risk Assessment

Courses offered by other Departments within UH, as well as Rice and UH Clear Lake, are also acceptable. A list of some of these courses can be found here.